Private Lessons


Pilates is a great form of exercise for everyone.  The benefits of having one on one training is unsurpassed. Personal training gives you and your instructor the freedom to design your workout specifically for your needs.  

What are the Benefits?


Pilates will make you a better athlete and can be designed for your sport.  With Pilates, form and alignment is extremely important.  This is difficult to do on your own.  Having a trained professional watching and guiding you will allow you to reap the highest benefits of Pilates.  Additionally, sometimes we hit a plateau and we need someone who is going to push us past our comfort zone.  My goal is to guide you and to encourage you to be your best and then even better.


Where are the classes offered? 


In-studio or in your own home or other location, such as a corporate setting. Reformer classes are available in- studio only.  Classes are available in Eastern Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey.